How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi?

Searching for steps to connect your Canon printer to wifi? Then, in this article, we will be looking into three different and easy methods to connect your Canon printer to wifi. We’ll talk about standard connection, WPS connection methods. And if you need to start over, we also have steps to restore your network settings to factory default.

Standard connection method

  • If you’re on your windows, start by putting in the CD that you received along with the printer, start the setup. (In case you are a Mac user or don’t have the CD, you should download the software and manuals in order to continue) using website
  • Once you see the initial screen, click on the Next button. (A Mac user will be asked to enter the password in order to install the helper tool. When you are done entering the password click on install helper)

NOTE: Soon after you’re done with the above steps, on your screen display you will be
asked to choose either USD or wireless connection. Click on WIRELESS CONNECTION.

  • Make sure the printer, as well as the power lamp, is ON. Then click NEXT. 
  • Now, click on CONNECT TO THE NETWORK. 
  • On your screen, the setup procedure selection will appear, in there select CABLELESS SETUP.

NOTE: A Windows XP user will not have the cableless setup option. Select OTHER SETUP and click WIRELESS SETUP USING THE USB CABLE.  

  • When the connection over the cableless setup screen appears, press and hold the wifi button on your printer until the orange alarm lamp flickers twice. 
  • Verify that the blue light flickers quickly and the green light is lit, click NEXT.

NOTE: The network connection will be disabled through the setup. 

  • You will now be asked to select your place of residence, do it, and click NEXT. 
  • Now, select your country and click NEXT. 
  • You will now see a software installation list, select the software you’d like to install, and press NEXT. 
  • The user license agreement will pop up, click YES to agree.

Windows users excluding windows XP 

  • On the screen you’ll see please allow all install wizard processes, click NEXT. 
  • Now, you’ll see the model of the printer as well as the name of your wifi network. 
  • Press COMPLETE, your windows cableless setup is done.

Mac users

  • On the screen you’ll see an ADD PRINTER option, click on it. 
  • Now, click on the Canon IJ Network and press ADD.
  • Finally click NEXT, this will complete the setup. 

(In case your printer was not detected, proceed with the USB installation. Steps are mentioned below)

  • Click on the setup network via USB and then press NEXT. 
  • Take out your USB cable, it’s the one with the symbol on it, and connect the printer to your computer.
    (Mac users click NEXT)
  • As soon as your printer is detected, you’ll see CONFIRM CONNECTION ACCESS POINT on the screen. Check if it’s your wifi network and click YES.

Mac users 

(You’ll be asked if you want to allow access to the item, click on ALLOW) 

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and click NEXT.

learn how to connect canon to mac computer if you need any help connecting with wifi.

Windows users 

(You’ll see something along the lines of setup has been completed, click on CONTINUE)
The windows setup is done.

Mac users

  • As soon as your printer has been detected, you’ll see the name of the access point you’re connected to.
  • Now, click OK. 
  • Next, click on the ADD PRINTER. 
  • Select, Canon IJ Network, and click on ADD.
  • Click NEXT to complete the setup.

WPS connection method

You should reach certain conditions in order to use the WPS connection method.

  • Your access point needs to have a physical WPS push button, if it’s not available use the standard connection method. 
  • Your network has to use WPA2 or WPA security protocol.
  1. Turn on your printer and hold the WiFi button until the alarm light flickers once. 
  2. The lamp next to the wifi button should start to flicker blue light, now go to your access point within 2 minutes and press the WPS button. 
  3. When searching, the blue wifi light on your printer will constantly flicker. Whereas the wifi lamp and power lamp will flicker while connecting to the access point.
  4. As soon as the printer gets connected to the wireless network, the wifi and power lamp stops flickering and will stay lit.

How to restore the network settings to factory default?

In case you’ve changed your access point or something else and want to restore the network setting to factory default, here are the steps.

NOTE: initialization or restoring to factory default will erase every last bit of the network
settings. You won’t be able to scan or print unless you re-configure the network settings.

  1. Find the resume and cancel button and hold them down until the alarm lamp flickers 17 times. 
  2. Now, you can let go. 
    The network settings will now be reset to factory default.

if the canon Printer is offline then try different methods as given in the guide to Bring it back online.

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