Fix Canon Printer Offline Problem

Canon is having a wide collection of printers including inkjet printers, laser printers, Office Jet printer which can be used for personal as well as commercial use.

All these high-end products are having technical errors. Multiple Canon printer users reported that they are frequently facing the canon printer offline error with their printer. This article contains a set of solutions that assist users to fix the printer is offline error.

Fix Canon printer offline error

  • Restart the printer unit and connected system:

Sometimes after the continuous printer jobs and overheating of the computer system user might face the Canon printer offline error. After facing any kind of issue associated with the printer user should restart their printer unit. Users should also restart the system which is connected with the Canon printer to resolve the issue.

  • Check the USB cable connections:

Users should check all the cable connections the canon printer can go offline if any of the USB cables from the printer is disconnected with the computer system.

For this user should turn off the printer. Remove all the cables connected between the printer and the computer system. Connect all the cables properly. Turn on the printer and check for the error.

If the user is using the wireless printer then the user can disconnect the printer from the wireless connection. Wait for a few seconds. Reconnect it and test canon printer for error.

  • Manually set the canon printer online:

A secure network connection is necessary for the working proper working of the canon printer. In the case of poor connection or any other internet connection, it turns on the ‘use printer offline option’.

If the Canon printer goes offline then the user can manually set it online by following steps given below from the system.

  1. Click on the start icon. 
  2. Go to the control panel from the context menu.
  3. Click on the Devices and Printers category from the available options.
  4. Users can select ‘what is printing’ by right-clicking on the printer question.
  5. Select your canon printer unit from the available printers which you want to troubleshoot.
  6. Select ‘user printer online’ from the drop-down list to set the printer online.
  7. Test the printer.

Delete all the pending printer jobs:

Sometimes an error in a certain document can cause the printer offline problem. In such cases, the user can delete the printer queue and test for the error by giving the test print. Here are the steps by using which users can delete the pending jobs of the printer.

  1. Click on the start icon and search for the control panel.
  2. Go to the devices and printers section.
  3. Select your Canon printer unit.
  4. It will open a new window with the entire printing queue.
  5. Here user can click on a particular file to delete it or right-click on click on select ‘cancel all documents’ to delete all pending printing jobs of the printer.

Users can also delete pending printing jobs form the printer unit. If then the canon printer model of the users has the buttons then the user can click on directly press the cancel button with icon ‘X’. The users with touch screen canon printer models can click on the ‘X’ icon to delete or cancel all the pending printing jobs from the printer.

After this user can reboot the printer and the connected system and check for canon printer offline error.

Set canon printer as default printer

Users can set their printer model as the default printer to fix the canon printer offline error. Users can follow the given steps to set their printer as a default printer on windows.

  1. Open control panel-> Hardware and sounds.
  2. Go to the devices and printers section.
  3. Here users can find the set of printers from which users need to select their printer unit.
  4. Go to Manage and then click on set default button.
  • Delete and install the printer in the system:

Users can remove their printer init from the system and reconfigure it on the system again to fix the canon printer offline issue. Follow the given steps to remove and reinstall the printer in the system.

  1. Click on start icon from windows and go to the ‘Drivers and Devices’ option.
  2. Users can see the set of printer devices here. Out of them right-click on your canon printer model which you want to troubleshoot and click on Remove the option to delete it from the system.
  3. Restart the system which is connected with the printer.
  4. Open the control panel to add the printer unit again in the system.
  5. Click on the hardware and sound section.
  6. Click on the add devices link under the devices and printers section.
  7. Users can follow on-screen instructions to add the printer device in a system.

Update the canon printer drivers

Make sure that the user is using updated canon printer drivers in your system. This can minimize error chances and improves the performance of the system. Users can update their printer drivers by visiting the canon printers website or visit to download the printer driver.

If the updating printer drivers don’t eliminate the canon printer offline error then the user can uninstall the current printer drivers and install the latest printer drivers by following the given steps.

  1. Open control panel.
  2. Go to Programs and features-> Uninstall a program.
  3. Select the printer drivers from the list of programs and click on the uninstall button.
  4. Restart the computer system.
  5. Visit official canon websites.
  6. Click on the software and driver options under the support section.
  7. Click on the printer icon and select your printer model to download the latest printer driver for your Canon printer unit.

We hope that all these solutions will assist users to troubleshoot canon printer offline error with their printer unit. For further assistance, users can get in touch with Our customer support team.

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