Terms & Conditions

● The client getting the administrations must be 18 years or more.

● Only a human can take the upsides of the administrations given.

● One record can be utilized by one individual so to speak. This single record has a settled degree of utilization as set by the number of PCs in the agreement. A client would moreover require to utilize a support for any additional PCs in case of necessities.

●Canoncom-ijsetup.com holds the benefit of offer administrations only for issues and software recorded on the site. Any software issues and administrations other than them don’t qualifies Canon Technical Support to give administrations.

● Our passes on benefits through mediums like Phone, Chat, and email. The on-location module is barred as a mode for offering services.

● Our support isn’t in danger to offer assistance for any equipment issues related to your printer.

● This Support Support does not give substitution or brings a commitment to any separating printer part.

● Every one of the customers is requested to watch the remote session initiated by our professionals. In any case, if the customer fails to do in that capacity and any data burglary or mishappening arising from an unattended remote session or the nonattendance of an expert would not be the obligation of Canon Technical Support. Moreover, clients are requested not to use any of our organizations for any unlawful or unapproved reason.

● Every one of the associations and discussions amongst experts and customers should be in accommodation of digital laws of US/Canada or one’s country of the living game plan.

● We hold no obligation in regards to any disaster or mischief rising particularly or in a roundabout way in view of the dismissal of any transaction. Also, the affiliation will in like manner not be in danger if by virtue of a cardholder going past as far as possible commonly settled upon by the securing bank at any time.

Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms

● Customers require a legitimate credit card for benefitting the administrations of Canon Technical Support online. Our Technical Support can whenever recognize or expel a demand made by means of the credit card.

● Canon Technical Support administrations begin from the moment on which the understanding is contracted and the payment is finished.

● On the off chance that any client does not feel content with the administrations of Brother Printer Support or does not get a determination for any single issue about his printer within 7 days from the date of payment, the client will get a discount from the association.

● In the event that our professionals fail to settle even one issue then we will give a full refund of the aggregate to the client. In any case, if by chance that one issue is settled, the customer won’t get a full refund. Our Technical Support holds the benefit of chop down no less than 25% of the total payment charged.

● All our organization charges are complete of assessments, taxes,duties or obligations constrained by taxing authorities of USA.

● We don’t spare any credit card information of the client without their consent.

Copyright and Content Ownership

● Any content posted by a client and transmitted to Our Support ought to altogether consent to USA cyber laws and moreover copyright laws of a client’s respective country.

● Any request or answers posted on forums of Canoncom-ijsetup.com would advance towards becoming the property of the association.

● Our Support can eradicate any content found as unacceptable from its site without any reasons.

General Conditions

● The usage of Our Support Plan benefit portfolio is made by the client at his own particular judgment. This administration offered either through email, talk or phone.

● Our administrations are made open just in the English language. Diverse dialects would be seen as simply in light of common undertakings.

● Unless showed by Canoncom-ijsetup.com, the administrations should not be changed or traded to an outcast. Any obligation rising from such conditions would be only borne by the client.

● Canon Technical Support holds the privilege to delete Content and Accounts including content considered as illegal, undermining, oppressive, hostile, offensive, explicit and abusive.

● Our Support can fire any record if there ought to emerge an event of any verbal, physical or composed manhandle of an agent.

● We don’t draw in any sales for posting, encouraging or transmission of unconstrained messages, SMSs, or “spam” messages.

● We don’t draw in the transmission of any kind of infection, virus or any code of a critical way.

For any inquiry regarding terms and condition please call us on our toll-free number.